Thursday, May 28, 2009


Reaching through the narrow
Opening of a ten hour flight
I tumbled into infinity.

It was like putting my hand
Into a box of air and knowing
Something (anything) should be there.

Try as I might
I could not even hit the sides
Let alone pick anything up.

And yet it was all there.
Everything was there.
It's not like there was nothing there.

The intercity hurtles down
the hill at 20 kilometers an hour
enforced by the Speed Detector
in his Speed Detector's hut
mangoes hang from trees
like yoyos at the ends of their tethers
and a little boy in a spider man outfit
chases chickens in the yard
bananas grow up side down and the
worn metal plates that link the cars
screech and the doors that do not shut
rattle and you can stand there
with the wind in your hair
and realise you had
a fleeting moment of peace.

But then I realised
Everything and no one
Was there.

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