Saturday, May 9, 2009

Contact list and log of progress (virtue project)

Jonathan Aitken (Completed)
- journalist, politician, author
Summary of Interview with Jonathan Aitken

Dr Dan Winder (Completed)
-actor, director, producer
Summary of interview with Dan Winder

Peter Manning (Completed)
- musician, conductor, artistic director, concert master, Royal Opera House
Summary of interview with Peter Manning

Father Nadim Nassar (Completed)
- anglican priest, journalist, director of the Awareness Foundation
Summary of the interview with Father Nadim Nassar

Martin Van der Weyer (Completed)
- Business Editor of Spectator
Summary of interview with Martin Vander Weyer

Nigel Seed (scheduled)
- QC, expertise in ecclesiastical law
Summary of the interview with Nigel Seed, QC

Stephen Venner (Completed 9 June 2009)
- Bishop in Canterbury
Summary of the interview with Stephen Venner, Bishop of Dover

Reverend Canon Jeremy Davies (Completed)
- Precentor, Salisbury Cathedral
Summary of Interview with Canon Precentor Jeremy Davies

Reverend William Taylor (Completed 7 June 2009)
- Anglican Priest
Interview with Reverend William Taylor

Dr Yazeed Said (Completed)
- Anglican priest with specific interest in Muslim jurisprudence
Summary of interview with Dr Yazeed Said

Dr Janet Reibstein (completed)
- Clinical psychologist and professor at University of Exeter, specialises in relationships
Summary of interview with Professor Janet Reibstein

Imam Asim Hafiz (completed)
- Muslim chaplain to the armed forces
Summary of Interview with Imam Asim Hafiz

Robert Taylor (completed)
- CEO Kleinwort Benson Private Banking
Summary of interview with Rob Taylor

Lucy Beresford (Completed)
- Writer, psychotherapist, media commentator
Summary of Interview with Lucy Beresford

Philippa Foster Back (completed - awaiting summary)
- Director, Institute of Business Ethics

Matthew Taylor (Completed)
- Chief Executive of the RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of the Arts, Manufactures, and Commerce), formerly chief advisor on political strategy to the Prime Minister
Summary of interview with Matthew Taylor

Mark Goodrich (Completed)
- Chief Executive, ER Consultants
Summary of interview with Mark Goodrich

Mandeep Kaur (Completed)
- Seikh chaplain, HM Armed Forces
Summary of Interview with Mandeep Kaur

Dr Ed Kessler (Completed)
- Director of the Woolf Institute of Abrahamic Faiths
Summary of Interview with Ed Kessler

Sandy Nairn (Completed)
Director, National Portrait Gallery
Summary of the interview with Sandy Nairne

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